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Yardzee Canada
Brampton, Ontario Canada
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    Brampton Ontario, Canada
    L6V 1E9
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    Dear customers,
    Handmade By HoneyB is now Yardzee Canada @

    How It Began

    We started off by visiting craft shows around local towns and sold a variety of hand-crafted goods. One of them happened to be a Yardzee Set. Our original Yardzee Sets were not sanded, they were unvarnished, came in plastic buckets and had the spots painted on instead of burned. Needless to say, we came a long way and are truly proud of our latest product.

    We decided to take a step back and really focus on creating one product well, instead of creating a bunch of mediocre ones. This was the beginning of Yardzee Canada.

    We set up shop near our home in Ontario, Canada and bought all of the necessary tools and equipment to increase our productivity and quality. You can buy with pride, knowing that you are boosting our local economy by giving back to a local Canadian toy-maker.

    The Product

    The dice are cut from all natural red cedar wood, which are carefully sanded, wood burned for a rustic touch and then finished off with two rich coats of varnish.

    The purchase of your Yardzee game set will include:

    5 all natural red cedar wood dice, each unqiue with their own knots and wood grain patterns
    Reusable scorecards
    Dry erase marker
    Premium grade metal tossing pail

    Shop our website @:
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